Peter grew up on a family farm dreaming about the possibilities technology has for agriculture. He brings over 10 years of ERP software implementation experience with seven years in the feed manufacturing industry. From mid-sized family owned businesses to large scale multi-national enterprises, Peter has partnered with customers with a variety of needs and sizes. He has worked with customers all across North America, serving the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Peter is excited to work with your business and work side by side with the experts from your team to create a world-class mobile strategy.

What Peter brings to mobile.

Peter has worked in and around agriculture his entire life in a variety of areas. He has experience in grain production, the seed industry and in feed production. This background along with his experience in technology gives him a unique perspective on the shape of the industry and the possibilities for using technology. He takes his clients’ trust and partnership very seriously, striving to build the best possible solution for them.