Conservis is trusted to manage over $8 billion in land, equipment and crop assets at all stages of production to improve bottom-line performance. Conservis’ system is used by the most successful agricultural producers to make informed business decisions.

Myriad Mobile


Conservis’ software platform allows farmers to track field activities, manage inventories, and analyze yields, allowing farmers to manage progress today and harvest opportunities ahead.

Myriad Mobile partnered with Conservis to build the farm management software’s mobile app for Android and iOS.

Myriad Mobile

Conservis’ farm management soft ware helps farmers see their operation from the dirt up.


For 7 years running, famers using Conservis have had the power to be more efficient, more competitive, and more productive season after season.

Myriad Mobile


“What stands out is the work ethic associated with Myriad Mobile, in addition to the team being technically astute.”

— VP of Engineering, Conservis

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