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Nodak Mutual Insurance is a North Dakota-based company, serving the state’s residents for more than 60 years. Nodak is recognized as one of the top 50 property/casualty companies in the nation by the The Ward Group. They’re your “agents with answers.”

Mobile Solution

Nodak Mutual Insurance has several employee events throughout the year that involve travel and multiple session events. Not all employees are assigned to attend all events. The logistics of organizing information and getting it out to the correct employees was the key challenge. Myriad Mobile partnered with Nodak to create a native mobile app. The Nodak Ontime app shows employees flight, hotel, and event details for all trips they are assigned to, making the experience easier for both the organizers and the employees.

In addition to creating Nodak’s flagship insurance app, Myriad Mobile partnered with them to create Nodak Ontime. The internal travel app allows Nodak’s team to better manage events, trips, flights, hotels, and insightful analytics.

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