QBE NAU empowers insurance agents and their farmer clients to quickly submit, monitor, and adjust crop insurance claims. Crop insurance agents and farmers live in the field — why not be able to work from it?

Mobile Solution

The EASYmobility App monitors claims for indemnity so that insured farmers receive faster claim settlement. The app allows insurance agents to view claim and policy information, get a quote, create and edit documents, electronically sign documents, access soil and topography maps and more. The app also collects reliable and timely data on crop yields, enabling insurers to offer the best available premiums to farmers. There has also been a reduction in paperwork and administrative costs related to processing claims.

Working with Myriad Mobile, QBE NAU developed the EASYmobility application. A new crop insurance app, the process is paperless and all agents need to carry is an iPad.

Insurance agents needed a better and quicker way to file insurance claims for their farmer clients. Farmers needed a common sense way to submit paperwork from the field. Traditionally, crop insurance has a high administrative component with agents carrying around large paper files. With agriculture becoming increasingly more technological, QBE NAU wanted to provide farmers and agents with a solution that met them where they worked — in the field and on the go.

Happy Clients

“We are very satisfied with the work Myriad has done and all of our expectations around artifacts and deliverables have been met.” – QBE NAU Country

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