Myriad Mobile

A media company dedicated to sharing oil and gas news about the Bakken Shale Formation. Shale Plays Media partnered with Myriad Mobile to centralize oil and gas news in one convenient app.

User Friendly

Shale Plays Media made it easy for app users to easily browse energy headlines from the largest global network of oil and gas industry news and information on the planet through their comprehensive network of sites in the energy industry.

Myriad Mobile took the news content Shale Plays was creating and developed a sensible roadmap to bring the news to mobile.

Mobile Solution

  • WordPress integration for content management
  • Push notifications
  • Analytics – App Usage and Downloads
  • User Based App Experience – Chosen based on geolocation
  • User submitted news

From international business and politics to local interest stories and exclusives, they can find the latest articles about top energy companies, mergers and acquisitions, shale, fracking, midstream/pipeline and transportation, renewables, offshore drilling, electricity, refineries, and much more. Myriad took the news the content they were creating and strategized a comprehensive approach to bring this news to mobile.

Myriad Mobile

Industry Standard

Shale Plays Media’s comprehensive network of sites brings stakeholders the news and information they need regarding the energy industry — through one convenient app.


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