Wanzek Construction needed a way to seamlessly communicate internal processes among employees.

Myriad Mobile

Wanzek sought a way to provide quick safety and accident reporting along with slick communication among employees. Teaming up with Myriad Mobile, their vision came to life.


The Wanzek app is a sleek tool created to modernize the communication process done on construction sites. With onsite safety stats reporting, insurance filing, and weather alerts, notifying has never been more efficient.

Push notifications allow employees to stay up to date with company news, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Myriad Mobile

Created with precision, the Wanzek app’s functionality and usability is a game changer in the way the construction community communicates.


The sense of community in the workplace has never been valued or more accessible until now.

A savvy UX/UI design and concrete development shows off this unique creation.

Myriad Mobile


Bringing the in-field employees into the fold.