Ok, that was a bold statement to make, but, here is what I am getting at:

Companies spend millions of dollars for ‘Branding’ on TV, radio, and paper forms of media.  To define branding, think of it as a form of memory retention; they try to get consumers to remember their brand using jingles, funny commercials, etc to help the consumer remember the company when it comes time to make a decision or when they are out and about and need a certain product or service and don’t have time to research all the alternatives.

Now, with the mobile revolution and information so readily accessible, consumers don’t need or care to listen to traditional ads and branding.

Let me give you an example.  A person can open up an app on their phone, wherever they are, and see a list of businesses by category within a certain distance from them.  On top of that, they can look at how other people rate that business. They can also search their respective market to see if that business has an app.

What happens? Not only does the consumer not have to remember the companies that provide him or her the services sought, but they can also see if other people are satisfied with the services.

All of that is in the palm of the hand for the consumer.  And with the advancements in technology, consumers can avoid ads all they want.

I am not suggesting that the phone will replace the mind.  However, consumers have no need to try and remember businesses.  They have their phones do that for them.  This gives them the freedom and more of a motivation to avoid branding type ads.

To the world over,

Ryan Raguse


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