Mobile Applications can go about as far as a person can dream.  A person can monitor g-forces created by a car with the accelerometer, control other hardware devices, instantly upload data to a cloud server for others to view in real time, create a geo-fence to increase safety by monitoring positioning and sending alerts of employees or children that went off somewhere they shouldn’t be. The list goes on and on.

When websites were just coming about and becoming very popular, people started scrambling just to get information to the web.  These business were looking to just have a presence on the Internet, an electronic flyer, if you will.

Now, rather than just being a flyer, websites have gained multiple functions to be a real business solution.  Websites are now either a money generator or money saver.

So, as it goes, the same thing is happening with smart phones and the mobile world.  To start, there is a distinct difference from a mobile website and a mobile application.  Mobile websites are generally limited to flyer type capabilities; just placing information where people can readily access it, but nothing else.

Mobile Applications on the other hand, can not only place information where people can readily access it, but add in a more significant amount of functionality.


Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites

What this means for business is there are a plethora of ways to either save money, generate more revenue through exciting product offerings, or at least preserve the business by going in the direction of the rest of the world.

The world is going mobile and there is no doubt that businesses need to be able to place the necessary information where people can access it in the way they want it, and this may mean just starting with mobile sites (flyers).  However, as consumers advance, so must business.

All the possibilities can be very confusing. It is ok to ask for help to understand how your particular business may preserve itself, generate more revenue, or save more money utilizing mobile just as you would ask an accountant for financial advice or lawyer for legal advice.

To The World Over,

Ryan Raguse
Mobile Specialist
Myriad Devices


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