In the world of constantly changing technology, it is difficult to decide which technology you should invest in. I am here to tell you there is one thing for sure, mobile technology is here to stay.

Does your company have a website? Are any of your customers under the age of 35? Would you like to be involved in the everyday of your customer, gently reminding them that your business is still here? Do you hope to gain new future customers over the next 10 years?


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If you answered yes to any of the above questions, mobile MUST be in your strategy for 2012, as well as in your budget. At the very least, your company must have a website that is as responsive as someone on a smartphone expects it to be. And that standard continues to rise into 2012 as HTML5 begins to raise the bar on the limits of mobile web browsing.

If I didn’t convince you previously, take a look at some of these statistics. In 2011, Facebook’s site traffic was made up almost 25% mobile traffic. That means that your customers are viewing more of the web on their phone than on the traditional desktop browser, which is why your business needs to have a presence on your customers phones. According to the Pew Research Center53% of American adults own a smartphone. 44% use their mobile devices to access the Internet. That could be over half of your target market that you aren’t reaching!

Next time we will go into depth about the difference between a mobile website and a mobile app. And believe me, the differences are mind-blowing.

Let us know if we can help to get your business mobile!


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