You know you need to do something mobile but have no idea where to get started.  No worries, this is a common issue.

In the world of custom software there is no product to sell but rather a service to provide.  And that can be everything from creative ways to interact with your customers, creative ways to help improve business processes, to actual development of the software solutions.

So getting started can be confusing, and in the confusion this may keep you from taking any action, or worse, making a mistake.

To start, find a reputable company that has proven results. If they promise you the world they might be bluffing.  A company that has a good creative edge will definitely be of good use as well.

The process is actually really easy. First, do a run through of the company (this may be yours). Personally, I have toured other companies to get a feel for how they operate and do their marketing before making recommendations; a good team will be able to make recommendations. This is, of course, if you don’t already have your own ideas.

This process has 5 distinct steps to go from idea/concept to delivery.

  1. To begin the process, you need to start with either your ideas or have a creative team come up with some. Most people have their own ideas already.
  2. A layout will need to be created in order to get a good scope of the what exactly will go into the software solution.  The layout will include things like how the user will interact, basic screen shots, and wire frames of the UI.  The layout is based on the ideas from part 1.
  3. Next is graphics, making it look cool; our world has become increasingly visual.  Outside of that, if the software doesn’t look cool then it can be viewed as out of date or not cutting edge.
  4. Fourth is where the actual development takes place.  After the graphics and layout have been completed, this is where development practices such as rapid application development can take place.
  5. Lastly, there has to be delivery of the software.  In the case of enterprise, once delivered, employee adoption has to be taken into account.  If the software is for the mass market, then research and find that the market is on the look out for new things or you’ll have to address the marketing that helps to get the software out there and get your content in the hands of your customers.

It’s that simple, from concept to market delivery it will follow that order, no matter what some people may tell you.


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