Mobile technology has come along way in the last few years; an explosion of creative ideas mixed with development has built an environment of rapid expansion.

A majority of applications out there are contained within themselves.  That is, they are built with only the application in mind and no other systems

We have hit an in-pass.  Most of the ideas for mobile applications are out on the market already, with a few exceptions of course.  The next big step for mobile (already underway) is integration into already existing systems.

Now, integration is nothing new, but it certainly is a bigger part to the app world.  There is a ton of legacy programs and software solutions out there and the world is looking to move that to mobile platforms.  There are a few ways to move everything mobile, one being to remake everything, which leaves years and years of development ahead.  The other is integration into already existing systems.

By integrating into already existing systems, the company can save significant amount of money by not paying for all the development, not having to re train employees, etc

There is a whole world of untapped potential as we take the old world and move it to the new.  Mobile is not going anywhere; it is not a fad.  There are some serious savings that a business can get from becoming mobile and streamlining operations

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