We’re just a few short hours away from America’s very own hot dogs, apple pie, temporary- deafness-due-to-aggressive-lighting-of-hand-held-explosives holiday! Fourth of July or Independence Day, whatever you choose to call it, is probably my favorite holiday of the year because it stands for everything that is right in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Whether your patriotic plans include food, friends, family, fireworks or some combination of all four, here is my list of the top mobile apps you’ll need to not only survive, but to also celebrate in style.[divider]


Part art, part science, grilling is more than just throwing meat on a grill over a bed of hot coals (or propane). Knowing how to properly cook a steak or roast vegetables will ensure that your patriotic guests won’t go hungry, or get sick. These solid apps will help arm you with a musket of grill skills to defeat the redcoats.

1.  Weber’s On The Grill | $4.99

Including 300 recipes, a grill timer, tips, videos, and customizable shopping lists, this app makes you look like Bobby Flay. While pricey at $4.99, it’s the most comprehensive (and prettiest) grilling app out there.

2.  GrillTime | $1.99

One purpose apps make me happy and this one is brilliant for what it is – it tells you how long to grill your hotdog, chicken, steak, veggies, and whatever other kinds of meat you can imagine. This is perfect for the forgetful grillmaster, because it shoots notifications when your meat is ready to eat!


Fair or Foul Weather

Crappy weather and the Fourth of July sometimes go together like apple pie and cheddar cheese (if you’re from Wisconsin). So check out this app, whether or not your plans depend on the weather.

3.  DarkSky | $3.99

I’m a Dark Sky evangelist because its simple, yet beautiful user interface provides accurate real time notifications when you’re about to get soaked. My friends have referred to this app as ‘magical’ and claimed its sorcery must be against their religion, but I promise it’s not. The power comes from Forecast.io and their public weather API.

4.  Yourcast | Free

Shameless Plug Alert: My teammates at Myriad Mobile designed and developed the new Yourcast weather app for WDAY. The live Twitter feed and user shared photos are a nice touch that help keep me in the local weather know.


Friends and Family

Sometimes those flag draped aluminum cans just open themselves and suddenly we don’t remember the patriotic memories we made.

5.  ScrapPad: Stars and Stripes Patriotic Photo Album | Free

Enter ScrapPad. This intuitive app lets you create a scrapbook full of your Independence Day memories, complete with patriotic backgrounds and borders.



There’s nothing more fun than having fun – and the Fourth of July is definitely fun. There are lots of fun apps out there to use and enjoy. One helps me get to and fro. The other keeps me occupied when Aunt Gladys talks about her bunions at the family barbeque.

6.  Uber | Free

Roll out of the party in style and safety using the Uber app. These guys were my saving grace when roaming Chicago after a few too many patriotic pints. Now in over 70 cities in 39 countries, this friendly app helps you request a car, set your pick up location, and pay – all in just a couple clicks. Hook it up to your Paypal or credit card and get home safely this holiday.

7.  4th of July Solitaire | Free

Not feeling competitive enough to choose sides for family sand volleyball or lawn bowling? You’re in luck! This app lets you sit in peace with several varieties of solitaire – all while staying patriotic!


Your mobile device may very well be your saving grace this Independence Day, but try to take an hour or two and enjoy a hot dog, a beverage, and most importantly, your family and friends. Make some memories and get home safely. Happy Independence Day!

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Max Kringen is a Marketing Strategist at Myriad Mobile spreading the goodness of the Myriad kingdom to all. 

Follow him on Twitter @MaxAtMyriad

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