boomtown honors3These three things encompass the what, the why, and the how of Myriad Mobile. Our team puts elbow grease into what we do because we have the grit to grow our company, and our community. Last Thursday, we gathered our team to recognize the elbow grease and grit of our staff. The event, curated by staff for staff, was aptly named Boomtown Honors. Celebrating the successes of the past year, we took the evening and looked to the future ahead.
We had a lot to celebrate.

  1. Growth: We’ve grown from 20 to 60 employees in a little over six months.
  2. Expansion: Myriad is headquartered in Fargo, but we added an office in Minneapolis, and recognizes a fleet of hard working sales folks in Chicago, Atlanta, Kansas City, Denver, and Los Angeles.
  3. New headquarters: By the end of September 2014, our team will be working from a new office in downtown Fargo designed by our own team of talented folks.
  4. Projects: Our team completed dozens of projects over the past year. We take pride in helping organizations solve complex problems through mobile software development.
  5. Thought leadership: We’re getting more and more involved and invested in each community we’re in. The Midwest Mobile Summit in Fargo is our marquee event but we’re also getting involved in Mobility Live! in Atlanta and hosting a mini Midwest Mobile Summit in Minneapolis this fall.

What we learned.

We gave ourselves a little over 30 days to plan Boomtown Honors. On purpose. Not because we’re in the business of stressing out our event staff, but because we wanted to challenge ourselves. Tight deadlines are the name of the game in any business. If we can gain practical experience in low-risk environments with tight deadlines, such as a company party, we’ll bring something valuable to the table for our current and future clients. That being said, we gained valuable insight on a few key event activities.

  1. Let staff take the reigns. Leadership should give a vision, set a budget, and get out. Empower employees and give them event ownership. You’ll be surprised at what your staff will come up with when given the opportunity.
  2. Incorporate what you do into the event. We develop apps so we made an app. Each department got involved with the app. Mobile strategists came up with requirements. Designers came up with the event look and feel. Developers came up with an interactive app, full of games, bugs (on purpose), and company inside jokes. Marketing made sure everything was well executed.
  3. Keep it simple. One of our employees has a big backyard with a pool and offered to host festivities. We hired an on-site caterer. We brought in yard games. We worked with local companies to create one-of-a-kind awards. That’s really about it.
  4. Create traditions. Traditions are important to any family and your work family should not be any different. You spend a lot of time with co-workers, probably more time than with some family members. Traditions create memories, mark the passing of time, and give people shared experiences. Even more than being a team, we’re friends and are becoming family.

As we wrap-up the 2014 Boomtown Honors, we look forward to 2015. We’ll keep our short and challenging, but manageable, deadline. Challenges like that keep us sharp. Maybe a little exhausted at times, but sharp nonetheless. We’re part of Team Myriad because we like challenges. Myriad is building a company whose sole purpose is to make life better for people through mobile technology.


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