A couple of weeks ago, Google’s head of developer advocacy, Reto Meir, announced in the Android Developers Blog that they had teamed up with Udacity to bring you a free online class call Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals.

“The course offers step-by-step training in which you’ll build an Android app, and learn best practices of mobile development in general and Android development in particular,” Meir quoted. And that they do. Google provides students with in depth video instruction, quizzes, and forums. All cumulating into one final project where students build a weather app called “Sunshine” using all of the skills they have learned and many of Google’s Android APIs.

But don’t expect to learn Java over the duration of the course. Google made a point to gear the class to reach existing developers who are coding for different platforms. Their goal is to teach developers to think like an Android developer – a wise move on Google’s part. Android currently has about 52% of the United States market share, and with the announcement of Android Wear, Android TV and Android Auto on the horizon, demand for developers is only going to grow.

Google’s new course proves to be helpful to learn foundational knowledge and background on the Android OS. And as Apple starts to launch their new devices this coming fall, don’t be surprised if we see a similar course roll out for iOS later this year.


Jake Oliversen is a marketing intern at Myriad Mobile and a senior at North Dakota State University where he studies Marketing while keeping up on mobile news and tech.


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