Headquarters: Fargo, N.D.

Employees: 60

Description: Ranked in the top 10 percent nationally according to size, Myriad Mobile is a premier source for mobile technology consulting, design, development and strategy. At the leading edge of developing native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8 as well as mobile web apps, Myriad’s expertise helps companies transform the way they do business by helping to increase product and service offerings, streamline critical processes and expand brand awareness. In addition to its home base in Fargo, the company employs team members in Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City and Los Angeles.

Website: myriadmobile.com

When it comes to developing culture at Myriad Mobile, the only rule is that there are no rules. The millennial-age entrepreneurs who lead the company prioritize culture, but believe it should be inspired and created by everyone rather than be part of a forced policy.

“Leaders in the company just naturally make those things happen,” says CEO Jake Joraanstad. For example, there is no rule that says employees are only allowed to wear certain jeans on certain days, or that employees can have an adult beverage at their desk at the end of the week. If someone wants to go shoeless, fine. A drink at the end of the day? Sure. As Joraanstad sees it, if employees are comfortable at the office, they might just stay a little bit longer than otherwise and finish whatever it is they are working on.

Empowering employees to voice their opinions and offer input is a crucial element of Myriad Mobile’s overall approach to management, and one that many of its employees highlighted as a reason they enjoy working there. Joraanstad says that approach has resulted in such things as an employee appreciation party held at the suggestion of a project manager who wanted to recognize the team for its hard work. It also gives the company an edge in the otherwise cutthroat world of tech employee recruitment. “Hopefully we can keep that edge that lets people feel like they’re making a difference in the company,” he says. “I think that will let us continue to hire what we call ‘A’ players – the best players around.”

Myriad dedicates a percentage of its revenue each month to a culture budget to continuously add to its perks. Culture budget funds were used recently to purchase a ping-pong table for the staff, which will take its place next to the often-used foosball table. Those amenities are sure to fit in well at the company’s new headquarters in downtown Fargo, a 10,000-square-foot space that was selected deliberately to further enhance Myriad’s culture. The space, which can accommodate up to 110 people, includes an outdoor rooftop workspace for employees and its downtown location is expected to be embraced by employees, many of whom already live in that area and/or frequent downtown locations for after-work entertainment.

Continuously improving and retaining its positive culture as Myriad grows is a main focus of the company’s leaders, according to Joraanstad. “We know that without culture we couldn’t have the people that work here,” he says. “As long as we continue to hire people who fit the culture and are excited about what we’re doing … I think it’s going to continue to be a good place to work.”

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