Event apps are quickly becoming the standard. The times of paper agendas and paper surveys have sided to live Twitter feeds, location mapping and wayfinding. All in one, easy to use spot. Centralization of data (whether it’s for an event or for the enterprise) is the standard that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With the majority of event goers using smartphones, why not harness the power of that tool? Instant access to information is a powerful thing. How many times have you left a conference and thought, “I should really reach out to the speaker and connect with her/him.” And then you get back to work. And start filtering through emails. And writing your next blog. And then it’s three weeks later and you still haven’t reached out and connected with the speaker. We’ve developed a quick list of features that event apps can provide enhancing your attendees overall experience. As has been the trend with mobile technology (the compilation of once singular tools into one highly powerful tool), event apps are combining resources into one centralized location – and yours should too!

What Event Apps Can Do

  • Agendas: This is the most basic of event app functions; however, there are ways to customize this component and make it an even greater benefit for attendees. You can allow attendees to create a customized list of sessions they want to attend automatically building their agenda.
  • Speaker information: Another basic function of event apps. Provide attendees with a speaker bio and their contact information. It’s quite common to include social contact information, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Instead of searching for it later, it’s right in front of attendees.
  • Resources: Provide supplemental materials from sessions. Slide decks, ebooks, videos — you name it.
  • Connect Attendees: Some event apps create scannable tags for attendees. When meeting new people, you can scan a barcode and their contact information is downloaded into your phone.
  • Social Connect: In-app Twitter feeds are extremely popular for event apps. Even if you don’t “tweet” you can still follow the online conversation. Great connections happen over Twitter banter – don’t miss out!
  • Gamify: The 2014 Midwest Mobile Summit used iBeacons and sent attendees on a scavenger hunt throughout downtown Fargo. It was a great way to show off Fargo’s robust downtown and give attendees an added value for attending.
  • Real-time updates: Your outdoor event is looking to get rained out? A presenter missed their flight? An event app can give push notifications to alert attendees when plans change. This is especially helpful at bigger events that have a multi-venue structure. Let’s face it, events don’t always run seamlessly.
  • Surveys: How many times have you forgotten to fill out the paper survey at an event? Event apps can easily include a simple survey tool. Plus, event coordinators can aggregate the information instead of doing data entry from paper forms.
  • Sponsor Recognition: Finding more ways to thank sponsors is a great benefit. Show them some love and get their logo on the event app with a link to their website.
  • Wayfinding: Isn’t it great when you know where you’re supposed to go during a conference? Maps and wayfinding tools are great resources for out of town attendees.
  • Exclusive deals: Work with area businesses and get them involved in your event. Maybe local restaurants want to offer a special meal? Maybe stores want to give coupons? This is a great way to build business partnerships and give attendees an added bonus for attending the event.

What Event Apps Can’t Do

  • Make conference rooms warmer.
  • Ensure there’s enough coffee.
  • Make sure there are no technical difficulties for presenters.

Myriad Mobile Has Developed a Few Event Apps, Too

As event apps become more popular, Myriad Mobile has been there to bring them to life. Here are a few of our favorite event apps we’ve developed over the past several months.

  • Mobility LIVE!: Companion app for Mobility LIVE! 2014. Featured customizable agenda, speaker list with bios, Twitter feed, location wayfinding, and sponsor list.
  • Midwest Mobile Summit: Companion app for the 2014 Midwest Mobile Summit. Featured customizable agenda, speaker list, Twitter feed, iBeacon game, location wayfinding, and survey tool. This was Myriad Mobile’s first time using iBeacon technology in an event app. The marketing team tied promotions to the app and made a scavenger hunt for attendees to engage in.
  • Tag Social Savvy Awards: Companion app for the Second Annual TAG Social Savvy Awards. Included agenda, speaker information, Twitter feed, sponsor list, and location wayfinding.
  • Health Pitch: Companion app for the second annual Health Pitch Fargo event. Included speaker information, Twitter feed, and sponsor list. Simple and concise way for attendees to engage with the event.
  • Boomtown Honors: Companion app for Myriad Mobile’s first ever employee appreciation party. Included agenda, Twitter feed, and games. Myriad’s developers had freedom to come up with quirky, fun games and purposeful bugs. It allowed them to test ideas for future event app development.


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