Lunch with Linda is a new series digging deeper into learning about #TeamMyriad.  She loves learning about people, writing and going out to lunch – so here we present, Lunch with Linda: Nathan Joraanstad Edition.

Currently a senior at NDSU, majoring in Computer Engineering, Nathan Joraanstad also works part time as an iOS Developer here at Myriad. It just so happens that Nate is the younger brother of Myriad co-founder and CEO Jake Joraanstad. In fact, the idea for our beloved startup was actually hatched between brothers Jake and Nate as they created a video game in 2011 called Galactic Blast. You can still find this little nugget of digital history if you search the dark recesses of the Android Store’s archives.

Until Myriad was officially formed, and before they hired their first employee, Nate worked mostly for free, but he believes that putting in the extra effort early on helped to make Myriad a success from the very beginning. “I had to work a lot more than I would have liked to sometimes,” Nate says. “But I like to think I’m doing things that are good for people and that can improve society as a whole, not just for my immediate happiness or comfort.”

Nate looks at every project as a new challenge to master. He loves a challenge, often learning the language and skills needed to create a particular app on the fly. He started out as an Android developer, simply because that’s the kind of phone Jake had when they developed Galactic Blast. Once new requests to build apps started coming in, Jake asked Nate if he could learn iOS in order for the fledgling company to start developing for Apple products. Nate quickly dove into and mastered the new language. Currently, he is in the process of mastering C# because a new platform, Xamarin, makes it possible to develop for both Android and iOS, using the same language.

One of Myriad’s most unique values is Positive Aggressiveness. When asked how he lives that value, Nate explains seeing not only the long term goals, but also the small steps that are necessary to get there; to be able to quickly understand those steps, and then being able to get the work done. “For example, sometimes programming can be tedious,” he says, “but if you’re going to create a world class product you have to plow through it. You do that by just getting to it, because complaining won’t get you anywhere.”

Nate has been married to his wife Morgan for 4 months. She is herself a journalism major at NDSU, graduating in December of this year.  She’s a great chef, and has done some catering locally.

“Fargo,” says Nate, “is a perfect sized city. Not so big that there are lines to get into places, but still enough different people to make things enjoyable.” And the values of North Dakota fit well with his Midwestern ethic of integrity and hard work. In their free time, Nate and Morgan enjoy movies, meeting new people, spending time with friend and family, and reading books.  They also lead a small group with their church, River City, and enjoy spending time at the Pink House, a place where international students can go on a Friday night to meet new people and share a meal.


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