In a recent interview, Mobile Marketing Association CEO Greg Stuart, talked about the transformational power of mobile-first thinking for industries.

“Transportation is a big one. Look at what Uber is doing to the world. The concept of Uber is so much bigger than just the taxi industry. Retail will also be completely upended by mobile. I had the CMO of a major hotel chain tell me, ‘Greg, Internet changed the booking process. Mobile changes everything.’”

Stuart also goes on to say how important it is to be a mobile strategy leader in the marketplace. The implications could be tremendous. The fact that data can be interpreted in real-time is a game changer.

“I’ve done some modeling on what happens when one marketer figures out mobile before another marketer, and those models suggest that a big marketer who takes first-mover advantage could literally add $1 billion to $2 billion to their market cap as a result. I ask marketers today, ‘What plans do you have that doesn’t require high-risk capital investment that will shift market cap $1 billion?’”

It’s great that mobile technology can bring about transformational changes to organizations, but where do you start? One place is the Midwest Mobile Summit in Minneapolis on Thursday, October 23 from 1 to 5 p.m. The team at Myriad Mobile is hosting a half-day, interactive conference designed to connect you with mobile strategy pioneers across the Twin Cities. Speakers and panelists from Target, Medtronic, The Nerdery, and more will give you the necessary tools to create and execute mobile strategies. You will walk away from this conference with a framework for your organization’s mobile strategy. Real-life insights, experiences, and lessons learned will be shared.

The Summit will allow you to walk away with a well-rounded understanding of mobile capabilities, functionalities, and parameters. You will develop a robust mobile strategy based upon your company’s unique infrastructure. And more importantly, you will learn how to influence buy-in from key decision makers.

Registration for the Summit is customized to encourage team interaction. One registration allows three people to attend. That means you, and two of your teammates, will retain the knowledge needed to help move your organization’s mobile strategy past the conceptualization stage. We’re building in time for you and your team to strategize during the conference so you can walk away with a viable plan of attack. In short, we’re packing in a lot of information into four hours.

What: Midwest Mobile Summit Minneapolis

When: Thursday, October 23 | 1 to 5 p.m.

Where: CoCo Uptown, 1010 W Lake Street #100, Minneapolis

Cost: $100 for a team of three

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