Ragging on college kids and their mobile devices is easy to do, but these little devices that have a world of knowledge are not leaving hands anytime soon.

Ten years ago, it was not uncommon for a classroom to have only a single computer, usually reserved for administrative functions. Fast-forward to today and students from kindergarten to college are armed with laptops, tablets, phones, and other internet-connected devices that facilitate learning in the 21st century.

These devices are fundamentally changing the way instructors, students, and the world look at learning. Instead of being confined to a desk in a classroom and reading material from an outdated textbook, students are now able to learn from literally anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, experts in the field can continually update curriculum as the topic changes, not bound by a publishing schedule.

From Snapchat to Blackboard and everything in between, we’re in a digital revolution and we have the opportunity to create an environment that cultivates life long learners. But, in order to do so, we must adopt technologies and ideologies that are engrained in students’ everyday lives.

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