He has a dream, that one day every enterprise organization adopts and loves mobile as much as we do. Our CEO Jake does, anyway! Check out some of our predictions on what will happen with devices and even a couple of pipe dreams. 


Nathan: As for phones, they will continue to get faster and have greater battery life. The interaction with your phone and surrounding technology, such as cars, thermostats, and your computer, will continue to increase, creating a seamless connection between your devices.

Jeremiah: Beacons will be moved into the personal object space.

Josh: Mobile devices will get smaller… no, bigger… um, definitely thinner?  And probably rounder. 

Ian: Apple’s iPhone 6S will come in 2 sizes: 4.7, 5.5, and will feature Wireless charging, optical image stabilization across the board, and a quad core processor.

Brandon: Apple will release a new iPad size that sounds ridiculous (12.2”?) but will end up being perfect for some weird use case we didn’t know existed.


Jake: Enterprises everywhere will prioritize mobile initiatives for the first time ever.

Alison: LOLLIPOP. People are going to migrate en masse because of the glory of Lollipop.

Ian: Mobile apps for home automation will become a focal point for both Apple and Google.

Next up we’ll reveal our final predictions for 2015 – wearables! Stay tuneed!


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