2014 was dubbed the year of mobile, but we don’t think mobile will be confined to just one year.  As the foundation for a tech revolution in wearables, platforms and devices, mobile will change the way we work, live and play in 2015. Here are #TeamMyriad‘s predictions on platforms. 

Jake: Android and iOS will continue to be clear winners, but Windows 10 will maybe get a second life. We’ll see.

Jeremiah:  Apple will not announce a hard sunset date for Objective C at next year’s WWDC.

Ian: iOS9 will launch with individual read receipts and multiple user accounts.

Sam: I predict more UI/UX patterns on the web and iOS applications will follow Material Design.

Josh: Palm and BlackBerry become relevant again, somehow.  Then instantly forgotten about.  Late in the 4th Quarter, Windows Phone joins them, and no one speaks of them again.

Ian: Windows Phone 8 jumps from 3.5% to 5% of market.

Jake: Augmented reality integrated with mobile will become relevant in the gaming space with the likes of Oculus and others.

Dirk: HTML5 becomes the new standard for mobile as platforms become more fragmented and global app store boundaries become blurred.

Mike: Mobile web is going to start creeping up on the native app market share. Phone innovation will slow down and the focus will be on wearable devices to enhance/extend the mobile experience.

Ian: Android 6.0 will either be called M&M or Marshmallow.

Nate: Mobile apps will see more integrations with other devices, such as smart watches, appliances and other consumer products. We will see more fragmentation in this place as market leaders drive adoption through custom solutions.

Brandon: Apple updates their toolset to push Swift forward. They dump aging Xcode and release a new, better IDE for their new, better language.

Stay tuned for our next blog and read up on our predictions for devices in 2015.


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