Long considered old, outdated, and behind the times, one industry is rising above the others to produce digital experiences so efficient and on point they’re making other industries say, “How did they do that?”

The industry? Banking.

Yes. Banks all over the country are stepping up their digital game and one of the ways they’re bridging the digital-physical experience is through the use of beacons and NSF technology.  What’s a beacon? They are low-powered, low-cost transmitters that notify nearby devices of their presence. 

  1. ATMs with Beacons: After a customer uses your ATM, you can send them personalized offers on their mobile devices based upon their relationship with the bank. Soon, using technology like Google Wallet and Apple Pay, the need for a debit card will vanish!
  2. Welcoming Customers: After entering, customers can be greeted by a welcome message along with a brief outline of services. This could include an office map, bankers currently present at office, and special offers, to name a few.
  3. Customer Education: When customers are waiting for a teller, shoot them notifications with brief videos and even authorization/application forms that have already been partially filled.
  4. Customer Recognition: Once a customer has entered into a branch, their individual banker could immediately be alerted and provided will all the sales prompt and transaction history for a better communication with that particular customer. Building customer loyalty one mobile notification at a time!
  5. Teller Wait Times: With the help of beacon empowered apps, you could show the customer which line to jump into based on the number already in line.
  6. Branch Analytics: With the help of beacons and NSF technology, banks can get to know crucial information such as the busiest times and days, what kind of customers are using their services, cross-channel attribution tracking, the kinds of transactions being completed and the average time a customer spends in the branch. That information can help the branch to improve its services to enhance overall customer satisfaction.
  7. Product Offers: Create offers based upon customer transaction histories and type of accounts. Banks could even reward customers based on how often they visit.
  8. Surveys: When customers leave or visit a branch, beacon enabled apps could prompt them to share feedback about services, integrating information with NPS and other scores.

At Myriad Mobile, we’re really excited about the possibilities beacons bring to mobile marketing, specifically in the banking industry. Want to learn more about the possibilities? Let’s ideate how your bank could use beacons across your footprint.

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