We love wearables! Almost every player on #TeamMyriad has a wearable whether it be a Nike Fuelband, FitBit, Jawbone or even the Moto360 watch.  We’ve been hip on the wearable train since it left the station and we’ll be on top of things for 2015.  Here are some of our predictions for ’15. 

Nathan: Smart-watches won’t get as much user adoption as people are expecting, but will see substantial growth. We will see more new technology that is smart-home related, like Nest.

Jake: Wearables will become the norm, many will get watches first and move into more interested things like glasses.

Jeremiah: The Apple Watch will more than double the current number of wearables in the market.

Linda: Wearable devices such as FitBit and others like it will become more standalone, and will not need to be synced with a phone or computer

Sam: I predict a greater variety of Android Wear devices especially including the inevitable $1,000+ vanity jewelry piece Android Wear enabled. Obsolete jewelry is an interesting concept.

Josh: Interfaces will become more confusing, led by the Apple watch, which despite interface issues will sell 9 million units.  The watch band bends when worn; customers are pissed.  Apple spends 4 million on damage control as 20 thousand users take to the internet to complain about what will be termed Bendgate 2.0.  The silver lining on this is that all of them collectively can feel how pissed they all are by using the heartbeat sharing.  A community will be built, and they plan a Bendgate 2.0-themed cruise.  Many babies will be conceived over tropical waters by ill-informed, yet well-off financially, Apple watch wearers. 

Sam: Another Android Wear watch we will see includes a transparent OLED screen running Android Wear OS on top of a traditional timepiece allowing for the functionality of Android Wear and the battery life and aesthetic of classic time keeping.

Sam: I predict nearly every watch wearable to come out in 2015 will include some manner of biometrics for the growing personal health monitoring market.

Ian: Wearables become an industry (50+ million devices sold, 20+ million apple watch)

Brandon: AppleWatch will not be as impressive as we hope initially. We’ll spend the first part of 2015 with few impressive apps, but after the September update with new APIs and ideas, developers will finally run with it.

There ya go! You’ve read our predictions and now it’s time to create your own! What will 2015 look like in mobile? Leave a comment below and we’ll gather and respond to your ideas!


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