Our team at Myriad prides itself on creating strong relationships with the people we work with. The more you know about our process, the more we can help bring your idea to life. That’s why we do a Discovery Phase with you.

We approach every project in two phases. The initial phase is Discovery and it allows us to begin the exploration and refinement of your idea, creating the foundation for your app. After this process, we have a solid base to build your mobile solution in Development. In this blog, we will cover our Discovery Phase process.

1) What is a Discovery Phase?

  • Initial phase of every mobile project we develop
  • Consultative engagements with clients to determine and refine mobile app features, functionality, design and user flow
  • Typically 4 to 6 weeks to complete

2) What does a Discovery Phase provide?

  • Requirements: How do you anticipate users interacting with the app? We’ll help you determine and document the core functionalities of your idea.
  • User Stories: Using the requirements as a foundation, we’re explore the functional tasks users will perform in the app. These stories take a user-centered approach and are in the format of “As a user, I want to [perform action]”.
  • App Flow Diagram: How will the app flow make sense? We create flow diagrams  that outline the path a user will take in the app based on  the previously identified in the user stories.
  • Wireframes: What does your app blueprint look like? We help you create a solid blueprint with an interactive tool that allows you to view and click through the design. As our partner, we empower and encourage your comments/feedback within the screens. And from your feedback, new iterations are developed. Additional design elements are added so that as the Discovery Phase nears completion, you have a complete understanding of your app’s functionality, flow, and design prior to beginning development.
  • Technical Review: We pair the Product Requirements and user stories to a data model, a graphical representation of data and integrations used by the application. The integrations are then reviewed against existing API documentation for completeness.
  • Project Charter: What does your project timeline look like? We’ll provide you with a document that shows timelines and milestones for each development sprint and a final budget for full project development.

3) How much does a Discovery Phase cost?

The Discovery Phase consists of the initial 10%-15% of the entire app project. A typical Discovery engagement ranges in cost from $8,000-$12,000 depending on the size and complexity of the project.

4) What happens after the Discovery Phase?

90% of our Discovery Phase partners continue the relationship to the next level, which is full development. We want to ensure that you are absolutely delighted with our work, which is why we take the time to go through such a comprehensive Discovery Phase. Budgets and timelines will vary due to final determinations of features and development options explored throughout the Discovery Phase. The best part? All deliverables created in the Discovery Phase are provided to you and are yours to keep, regardless of your decision to pursue a development contract with us.

5) Next Steps?

Well, that’s up to you. 90% of clients who go through a Discovery Phase with us end up signing a development contract. That’s because the work done in a Discovery Phase allows you to see the full potential of your idea. Now, what are you waiting for?

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