Much of our success has hinged on the partnerships developed with major players in manufacturing. Myriad Mobile partners with some of the world’s most influential manufacturers to bring solutions that save on engineer hours, streamlining processes and increasing the bottom line. We don’t just want clients, we want partners. And we want to help our partners revolutionize business practices through inventive mobile technology development, design, and user experiences.

Here are 5 ways that we’ve helped manufacturing companies minimize process and maximize the bottom line.

  • Log issues on the line and on location, as they occur, using photo and scanning capabilities
  • Utilize Machine to Mobile technology to instantly capture and track critical information about people, processes, and inventory
  • Track, manage, and maintain parts inventory for work orders
  • Create, view, and edit work and service orders on location in real time
  • Eliminate paper slips and time-intensive data compilation
  • Track and manage customers from order to delivery

Let Team Myriad help your organization streamline processes, create more productive employees, and make more money with mobile solutions.


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