Growing up in the Midwest, we know it’s not always easy to ask for help. Most of us dive into projects, figure them out, and move onto the next thing on our list. Sometimes it works. And sometimes we’re calling a plumber at 3 a.m. because what we saw as an easy solution wasn’t “easy” or a “solution.”

Finding a partner for your mobile technology needs is no different that finding a plumber for your water needs. There are many reasons we hire experts to do the job. Time, money, ease of use, quality of product, etc. When we decide to utilize a partner, we may have additional issues that need nurturing let alone learning a new process like mobile software development. So when we decide to branch out and ask for help we want it to be as painless as possible, right?

What should a technology partner provide?

Technology Strategy Resource

  • Understand your goals: We work to understand your plans/goals/hopes/dreams/fears and what internal/external influences affect them
  • Begin with the end in mind: Understanding what true success looks like and defining all metrics and how they are measured
  • Tailored relationships: Define what an ideal partner relationship is to your organization

Research & Development

  • Forward thinking: Working hand in hand with you and your team to define future problems, research potential solutions, and coordinate on feasibility
  • New technologies: Prototyping the newest hardware/software solutions on the leading edge of technology

Solutions Engineering

  • Roadmap: Crafting the technology road-map, generating timelines and allocating resources


  • Execution: Full product execution while working hand in hand with your team
  • Agile Development: Consistent communication and flexibility by working in sprints


  • Seamless implementation: Coordinating with all departments/stakeholders necessary to ensure fluid implementation
  • Delighted clients: Working with your team to outline resources/departments needed to make your mobile software solution go beyond expectations

At Myriad Mobile we are invested in your success. From the very first meeting, you become our partner. We’ll help you execute well beyond development. We ensure full project success on our your end, not just ours. We believe in partnering with you beyond just technology consulting. We can answer questions on your behalf, recommend next steps, and execute with reliability. Contact us today and learn what a mobile technology partner can do for your organization.

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