Myriad Mobile partnered with Resolution Products to talk about how mobile technology can protect your home. Resolution Products was recently awarded the TechHome 2015 Mark of Excellence Award for Residential Security Product of the Year Award at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Their Helix Security and Home Automation Platform brought home the prize awarded from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

About the Author: Dave Mayne, Vice President of Marketing, Resolution Products

Dave has been a leader in the wireless device networking market for over two decades, helping to develop new business and product opportunities for companies like Digi International, GE Security/Interlogix, Gibson and Itron. He held leadership positions in engineering management, product management, business development, and as the general manager of the interactive services division of GE Security. Dave’s leadership helped GE Security launch three interactive service offerings to the market, through partnerships with, iControl, and the establishment of a home elder care platform called Home Assurance. There are over 100M network connected, wireless devices now deployed and in operation at the organizations where Dave built his career.

5 Ways Mobile Technology Can Protect Your Home

By now everyone knows how ubiquitous smartphones and tablets have become. Many of you are reading this very article from a mobile device. That’s why the world needs companies like Myriad Mobile who help bring some of the most useful mobile apps to life. Do you ever think about how much time you spend with your phone? 79% of people ages 18-44 have their smart phones within an arms-reach 22 hours a day. The average American spends approximately 162 minutes per day using this device, and 80% of this group will reach for the smartphone upon waking before doing anything else. [Source: Flurry Analytics (Yahoo!), ComScore, NetMarketShare]

There’s no question that mobile devices area huge part of daily life. I’ve argued that the term “smartphone” no longer does justice to what has actually become a 360-degree connectivity device. What might surprise some people is that mobile devices have also become an indispensable part of entire industries — including one that happens to be near and dear to my heart — the professional security business. Remember the scenes in movies where burglars could disable a home security system by simply cutting the phone line? Well, that’s as outdated as brick-sized cellular phones…and dare I say cell phones that come in a bag?

Let me expand, here are 5 ways that mobile technology can help you protect your home.

  1. Mobile technology allows modern security devices to be “on” at all times

As mentioned above, mobile technology allows modern home security devices to always remain connected. Professional grade security systems not only have backup batteries that operate if power is cut off in the home, but it also offers alarm reporting and interactive service offerings over a cellular connection should the phone or network be unavailable. The backup system automatically detects when the landline system fails and provides an output signal to a latching relay. This activates a pair of switching relays that switch the home security system connection from the landline-based system to a cellular system.

  1. Complete system management on your mobile device

You no longer set up your security system and hope for the best. Most modern systems have a mobile app that allows you to manage every facet of home security. Today, arming or disarming your system is as easy as swiping your finger across your smartphone screen. You never have to guess if your system is working or not, or if it’s disabled or armed. It takes guessing completely out of the equation.

  1. Instant notifications to your mobile device

Even if you’re not home, you can receive notifications on your phone (or other mobile device).  When a sensor is triggered, you can be automatically informed by receiving a push notification. Alarm center dispatchers can get this real-time notification too.

  1. Live video feeds of your home on your mobile device

More advanced security systems allow you to watch live video of what is going on in your home, right on your smartphone, tablet or any web-enabled device. Some apps let you view live video on multiple cameras at the same time.  It’s a great way to make sure your children get home from school and to keep an eye on elderly relatives, pets and property.

  1. One platform for home automation

That leads me to the hot topic of home automation, the ability to control your home. There are so many devices now that promise to automate some aspect of your life, from controlling a light to a thermostat to a lock.  These one off products can be isolated from one another– one app to change the temperature and a different app to control your lights. We think that a security system can, and should be, the connective tissue that ties all of these connected home devices together. We say that there should be one system, one app to rule them all. That is what we’re doing at Resolution Products with the Helix, which allows customers to control all of these functions in one system that be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

Just as our mobile devices will continue to play a huge role in our lives, we’re just as sure that the need for a single platform to monitor and control security and home automation will be realized. There’s simply too much of a demand for home automation for consumers to settle for using multiple apps, all detached from one another. The Helix platform received the TechHome 2015 Mark of Excellence Award for Residential Security Product of the Year from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Here’s a video that visualizes the reality of the level of home security and automation we talked about in this post.

Questions? We’d love to hear from you here, or over on Uncontained Security where we’re discussing the latest and greatest technology and connected devices.


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