Apple made several announcements on Tuesday, March 9, including their much anticipated Apple Watch. Brandon Kobilansky, iOS Software Engineer and Team Lead at Myriad Mobile, jotted down a few of his thoughts about the announcements from his developer perspective.

What we got.

ResearchKit: Apple has been talking a lot about helping users improve their health in the last year, and made a huge announcement with their ResearchKit. ResearchKit aims to help developers create apps to collect health-focused data from the millions of iOS devices around the world. Apple continues to emphasize user privacy by acknowledging they will not be able to access incredibly sensitive data user data. They emphasize that users can choose how to disclose data. This creates huge possibilities to streamline data collection for medical research. Apple announced several launch partners who have created apps for some of the world’s most worthy causes.

Open Source: Most important, Apple announced ResearchKit will be open source. Different technology platforms should be able to craft solutions and contribute to the project. Considering Apple’s penchant for keeping projects and products in house to achieve their monumental standard of quality, hopes are high Apple will continue to open up and let the community contribute to their ideas.

What we didn’t get.

Swift: Swift is Apple’s new programming language. They have continued to push Swift hard since its JuneĀ 2014 announcement. We’re already at version 1.2, and Apple has made a ton of progress since then. Unfortunately, Swift couldn’t compete with the huge Watch and Macbook product announcements.

WatchKit: Developers are as excited as the general public to get their hands on Apple’s new device. While the WatchKit SDK has plenty of toys and is already a great foundation for the next round of apps, some were hoping Apple would announce further developments and additions to the SDK today. Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait until September!

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