Myriad Mobile will collaborate with The Arts Partnership to bring an Artist-in-Residence Program into its headquarters in downtown Fargo. They have chosen Fargo photographer Tim Lamey to lead off the artist residency series. Lamey’s exhibition will go on display during a public opening reception on Thursday, May 14 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Lamey’s exhibition centers around 18 sites named by the North Dakota attorney general’s office as “areas of extraordinary interest” that are subject to additional public comment during the oil permit review process. The sites represent unique scenic natural environments, including the Badlands and the entire length of the Little Missouri River.

Lamey became involved with photography as a wildlife biologist while doing field research in remote areas of the world.

“Living in North Dakota, it’s hard to ignore what is going on in the western part of the state, and as a biologist, it’s impossible to ignore what oil development potentially brings to the land and landscape,” Lamey says.

This exhibition is part of an ongoing investigation that Lamey is undertaking to document the way in which the sites have maintained – or not maintained – their natural states. “The idea is neither to demonize oil development nor romanticize it. It is having an impact on the landscape and the environment, and this project is meant to make people think about that and to think about what it would mean to lose the unique landscapes of the western part of North Dakota,” Lamey says.

The Artist-in-Residence program represents an innovative collaboration between a business and the arts community to encourage innovation and creativity in the workforce while also contributing to the artistic community in the metro area. Three artists are chosen for the Residency annually. Each artist has a solo exhibition in the corporate offices and engages employees in activities that stimulate creativity and innovation. The Arts Partnership, which developed the program in 2012 with TMI Hospitality, provides organizational assistance.


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