We often get asked, “Why Fargo?” Doug Burgum, Great Plains Software founder and Fargo philanthropist, did a great job explaining why through an interview with Pollen.

“Doug served as the CEO of Great Plains Software and led it through a period of rapid growth. He wanted to do things his way, by investing in top — often young — talent and making them feel valued. He did things that were considered unconventional. He would often call employees’ parents to convince them their children weren’t making huge mistakes by working at a small software company instead of in accounting or finance. He nurtured people and careers.”

“It worked. Great Plains Software was sold in 2000 to Microsoft, which continues to be a major employer in the area to this day. And Doug’s vision of Fargo as a high-tech hub came to fruition. Today there are more than two dozen technology companies in the Fargo-Moorhead area, including John Deere Electronic Solutions and Myriad Mobile. Doug was an early believer in software’s profound potential.”

Full article here.

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