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It Costs What? Debating Internal Versus External Mobile App Development

By Camille Grade, Jun 24th, 2015

You’re reading this blog, which means you already know that your organization has real opportunity in creating a mobile strategy….

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Jake Joraanstad at Midwest Mobile Summit

By Team Myriad, Jun 22nd, 2015

Who’s in this? Jake Joraanstad He’s the CEO with eyes on the future of mobile for enterprise.

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Beta-Testing Best Practices with Amanda

By Amanda Hanson, Jun 19th, 2015

In our experience, our customers typically have a small group of internal testers that represent a variety of the target…

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10 Mobile Strategy Lessons from Jurassic World (Spoiler Alert)

By Camille Grade, Jun 17th, 2015

On Sunday, I was instantly transported back to a family camping trip in Minot, North Dakota circa 1993 where some…

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Mastering Mobile in Higher Ed

By Team Myriad, Jun 15th, 2015

Ten years ago, it was not uncommon for a classroom to have only a single computer, usually reserved for administrative…