The Myriad Platform is the foundation of a future-proof mobile roadmap for enterprise organizations. It enables them to cost-efficiently produce apps for B2C, B2B and B2E. With the platform, you can deploy and evolve a suite of apps integrating legacy systems into one enterprise platform.

Why is a platform approach important?

Many clients deploying mobile apps are boosting the productivity of their employees. They do this by reducing wasteful time in internal workflows or improving productivity in their client-facing initiatives. They’re digitizing processes using mobile technology. This approach to mobile technology has a direct relation on organizational pain points and can help support the investment in a mobile technology roadmap. (We can show you how.)

Focused on priorities

Myriad Mobile cares about the back-end platform, a lot. More importantly, we care about front-end consulting that creates a mobile roadmap for our clients. This focus eliminates wasteful dead-ends, throwaway code, security problems and “one-star” apps that tarnish brands’ reputations.

We’re a partner, not a vendor

The Myriad Platform is about building a partnership with Myriad Mobile’s team to deliver real value to your employees and value chains. The Myriad Platform provides flexibility and scalability. It’s time to stop building one-off apps. It’s time to start developing a platform that enable your organization to leverage our experience and expertise in mobile.

Develop your mobile strategy confidently. Smartly. Create competitive advantage by partnering your internal IT staff with our experts in design, strategy, architecture, and development — expertise built from our experience of producing over 300 mobile apps.

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