Whenever you introduce a new school of thought, there can be much confusion around what it does, how it works, and the like. Here are some of the common myths we’ve heard about the Myriad Platform. 

Myth: Platforms are new and untested

Truth: Platforms are not a new, untested concept. Platforms are being deployed by large companies. Myriad is bringing mobile, future-proof platforms to smaller companies.

Myth: A Platform is too expensive, I just need an app.

Truth: While more expensive, creating the right infrastructure puts organizations at a competitive advantage to launch new apps, both internal (B2E) and external (B2B, B2C) in a much shorter time frame and lower cost.

Myth: Mobile is too important to hire an outside ‘vendor.’

Truth: That’s why Myriad Mobile isn’t a vendor. Myriad partners with organizations to create long-term relationships built on trust and shared vision.  We provide front-end consultation to ensure the right technology roadmap and a future-proof back-end platform. It’s a winning combination that puts our clients in the enviable position of knowing how to deploy mobile technology to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Myth: It’s difficult to determine ROI for mobile platforms.

Truth: Bobcat saved 5,000 engineering hours from a single app built on the Myriad Platform. Our clients see ROI from using mobile apps on our platforms.

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