Insurance is all about safety. It is about giving us the safety net we need to live rich, fulfilled, secure lives. In the past, inadequate technology meant insurance companies were forced to compromise on the levels of safety they offered to customers.

Not anymore.

Read on for five ways insurers can use mobile technology to help clients live safer lives.

Acquire Coverage on the Move

As technology advances and develops, so does the insurance market. Your customers’ desires and needs will change to match the versatility and comprehensiveness of the technology they use. To stay ahead in the market your services need to do the same.

85% of consumers prefer the experience they receive from a mobile app to that of a mobile-optimized website.

An effective mobile strategy will allow your customers to acquire coverage on the move, ensuring – as their situations change – the coverage they require is available at their fingertips.

By implementing transparent purchasing options and processes, either via a mobile app or a smartphone and tablet-optimized mobile site, you can use mobile to cover the whole process, ensuring your customers can access the coverage they need when they need it.

This is where a mobile app really comes into its own. Statistics released by USA-based ICT firm Compuware show that 85% of consumers prefer the experience they receive from a mobile app to that of a mobile-optimized website. In order to tap into this rich seam of consumers, it is worth developing a mobile app to work alongside your insurance policy products.

Clear Policy Information

To take full advantage of the insurance policies they pay for, your customers need full access to policy information. Taking health insurance as an example, it is estimated that 38% of Americans with a health insurance plan are ignorant to the extent of the policy and what it covers.

This uncertainty can lead to potentially lethal delays in receiving necessary care as individuals simply do not know if they are covered or not. It can also lead to nasty surprises following an accident or illness when policyholders discover that they are not covered to the extent they thought they were.

Mobile technology puts all this information at the fingertips of the policyholder. This ensures complete clarity and builds consumer trust making it easy for customers to find out quickly what is and is not covered under their insurance policy.

Real Time Status Updates

We get notifications for almost everything these days – from birthdays on Facebook to reminders from spouses that we need to take the dog out. Surely insurance should be no different, right?

A comprehensive mobile strategy enables insurance companies to provide pertinent information to their consumers in real time. If a customer needs to track the status of a claim on their insurance, this can be handled in real time via a mobile platform. This helps dramatically improve the customer’s experience and the relationship between insurance company and policyholder.

Alternatively if a policy is about to expire or a customer needs to update their payment information, mobile notifications can be instantly sent to the consumer. Incorporate real-time notifications into your strategy and build a stronger, more functional relationship with your client base.

Additional Coverage

The needs of the modern consumer are fluid. As such, modern consumers expect their insurance providers to offer policies that match this level of fluidity.

Business trips, changes in family circumstances, or a sudden shift in terms of finance can all make a quick augmentation of a customer’s insurance coverage necessary. A leading insurance agent needs to be in the position to provide this whenever it is required.

Mobile strategies make this easy. By integrating policy upgrade functionalities into your mobile app, or by making it easy for customers to purchase additional coverage when they need it, you are helping your customers live safer lives. In addition to this, you are opening up your service to a whole new platform of business and ensuring that you do not get left behind in an ever-changing marketplace.

Customer-Driven Service Processes

As mobile technology continues to develop, the interface between consumer and insurance agent has become ever closer. A successful customer service department must respond to the needs of the consumer, and mobile app technology makes this possible.

The insurance agency market is a competitive one. To be successful, an insurance agency must make sure the experience it is offering to customers is flawless. No matter how competitive your pricing or how comprehensive your insurance coverage, a poor level of customer service is still going to turn your customers off.

By utilizing the full capabilities of mobile application technology, you can provide top-notch levels of service to your customers and ensure each one has an adequate level of coverage. With this technology now readily available to us, it has never been easier to help your customers live safer lives with mobile.

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