No one can deny that Apple’s CarPlay is a pretty sweet and useful piece of tech. The ability to sync your iPhone with your car dashboard and access its various functions and tools as you travel is certainly very desirable, but how useful is it to the mobile strategies of insurance agencies?

In fact, it is more useful than you might think. It could even be described as a game changer! Read on to find out more.

Progress Logs

For business owners who operate fleets of commercial vehicles, insurance can be a headache. While some insurance policies are intended to offer financial protection and cover to vehicles in commercial fleets, proving that the vehicle in question was operating in compliance with the conditions of the insurance policy can cause unnecessary stress and hassle if the fleet owner wants to make a claim.

In this respect, the capabilities of Apple CarPlay make it something of a game changer. By integrating with the GPS function on a regular smartphone, CarPlay can provide business owners with up to the minute tracking information for their vehicles, ensuring that each vehicle is being operated within the bounds of the law and within those of their specific insurance policy.

By logging their progress in this way, drivers are providing valuable data to business owners and insurance companies alike, taking the pain out of lodging claims and giving additional peace of mind to drivers of commercial vehicles.

Building customer trust and fostering a good relationship with your clients is key to success in the insurance industry. By offering this capability to your business customers, you are ensuring top quality levels of service and strong bonds with your clients.

Policy Information on the Move

The point of comprehensive insurance is not to provide cover only when the client is at home, but to offer security and peace of mind wherever they happen to be. Offering up to date policy information that is unique to your particular client as part of your mobile strategy is an ideal way to keep your customer up to speed with information regarding their cover.

Apple CarPlay adds an extra level of functionality to this, enabling you to provide a comprehensive service to customers wherever they are in the world. By syncing their smartphone with their in car CarPlay platform, the customer can use voice commands to gain access to policy information on the move.

This negates the need to pick up the phone while the car is in motion, something that would land the customer in hot water with both the insurance company and the police! Giving your clients access to policy information on the move not only augments the levels of service you can provide to them, but also helps to keep your clients safe and covered while they are out and about.

Emergency Contacts

Providing your clients with adequate insurance cover is only part of the game. The goal of insurance should be to create an environment in which a client can live their life in a safe and secure manner, enjoying the peace of mind that comes with it.

By integrating a personalized list of emergency contacts into your insurance company’s mobile app, you can help to ensure that your customers remain safe and secure wherever they go. These contacts could include a direct customer service number for your insurance agency, as well as other numbers that the customer can add themselves, such as contact numbers for local car maintenance firms or breakdown recovery services.

Apple’s CarPlay platform enables quick, easy and safe voice-activated dialing while driving, giving your customers instant access to vital contacts on the move, without invalidating their insurance policy or breaking the law by using their mobile while the car is in motion.

Map Tools

The ability to sync your phone’s map function with Apple CarPlay is surely one of the platform’s most useful features, and one that is of particular use to insurance agencies. As mobile technology continues to develop, the service that insurance agencies offer to their customers needs to follow suit, and by integrating your company’s mobile app with CarPlay, you are making sure that you keep one step ahead of the game.

Customers can use Apple CarPlay’s map function to search for gas stations, doctors and other useful amenities in the local area. Anything your customer might need in connection with the insurance cover you provide, they can gain access to via CarPlay, bridging the gap between insurance cover and the direct implementation of services.

If your customer’s car needs a service, the map function can quickly and easily find a place to carry this out; if they need access to emergency medical care provided by their insurance policy, the map function makes this easy to find also. The functionality of Apple CarPlay makes it easy for insurance agencies to provide an overarching level of care and service to their customers, integrating the whole process on one, intuitively-designed mobile platform.

This is what the future of insurance coverage is all about – making the agency invisible, but the protection ever present.


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