We held V2 of Boomtown Honors in late August. Our teammate, Linda, allowed us to carry on the tradition of a pool party and barbecue in her backyard. Looking back over the past year, our company has experienced a lot of changes since our last Boomtown Honors celebration. We called it v2 because you always learn something new from version to version and try to make it better. That’s how we’re looking at the last year too. Some changes have been easy, some have been hard, but through them all we’ve learned a lot. Here are few of the most significant changes over the past year.

We’re growing our family.

As Myriad has grown, so has our extended family. We added five new babies to our team in the last 10 months. We’ve enjoyed meeting little Everine, Nora, Axel, Tania, and Rowan. It’s been fun to see new parents and second (or third) time parents welcome new members to their families and #TeamMyriad.

We’ve also grown our list of clients. We’ve welcomed U.S. Bank, Conservis, Wanzek, and Resolution Products, to name just a few. We’ve also had the opportunity to do more projects with past clients. (We’re looking at you Nodak Mutual, NAU, Minn-Dak, Scheels and Minnesota State University Moorhead.) We’re excited that clients keep coming back to us and relying on us to be their mobile partner. It’s been fun and gratifying to get to know our partners better and to learn from them.

We’re keeping education at the forefront.

Have you ever heard the saying, “The shoemaker’s children go barefoot?” It means that when you’re good at what you do, you rarely put yourself first. We really enjoy developing mobile technology. So much so, that it’s sometimes difficult to carve out time for deeper learning. However, we know that in order to stay competitive we need to focus on growing our team members’ skills and knowledge. But talking about it isn’t good enough. We’ve taken action steps to make sure we keep learning. We’re organizing an internal conference, creating teams to plan team building activities, and putting a greater focus on activities that expand our professional development. Our team members work on passion projects that help them become better developers, designers, strategists, projects managers, and marketers (and even better CEOs). It’s easy to get caught up project work. By keeping education at the forefront, our team can make sure we’re practicing our craft, and putting shoes on our feet.

This focus on learning, transfers into the work we do with our clients. We created a Discovery Guidebook to help clients understand how we approach mobile and how to consider the costs that go into development. We’re creating more educational resources for clients to read and grow their knowledge about mobile technology. We’re organizing more educational events. We’re in a mobile technology renaissance and we’re excited to bring our clients into the fold with us.

We’re keeping it simple.

What’s more fun than a simple backyard barbecue in August in Minnesota? A pool party, potluck, and yard games. (And a little karaoke.) We made it a party that all team members could enjoy. We held our traditional knighting ceremony to welcome our newest team members to the family. We learned that we don’t need elaborate parties and trips in order to bond with each other. (Although I don’t think anyone would complain about a company trip to Cabo…)

We’re trying to keep it simple in the way we talk about mobile technology too. The overabundance of buzzwords has reached pandemic levels. (Mea culpa — We still fall into the “synergistic” language trap that comes with technology territory. We’re working on it…) It’s time to speak plainly, clearly, and simply. We know what we’re doing in development (and in design and strategy), so why can’t we say it more clearly? Look for a brand refresh in the coming months. Our mantra of “keeping it simple” will be at the forefront.

We’re re-focusing locally.

Most of us grew up in the Midwest. It’s our home and we love it. Having a sense of place is a very strong feeling. We’re sure many people feel nostalgic about their hometowns — Fargo just happens to be ours. It’s is an odd place to do what we do, but then again, Fargo is an odd place (oddly great, we may add) to do a lot of things. We look forward to all the odd, but incredible, things that will come out of Fargo in the next 12 months.

We have partners across the nation (and across the world) and we’re always excited to tell them about this little place that’s been dubbed North of Normal. We’re spending more time getting to know our neighbors too. We have some of the world’s most innovative companies right outside our door, and we’re honored that we’ve been able to work with some of them. We can’t wait to see who we can bring into our Fargo family in the next 12 months.

And finally, thank you to all our friends, clients, colleagues, moms, dads, husbands, wives, Great Aunt Ednas, and everyone else who makes this such a great community to do business. Thanks for encouraging us to build the community we want to live in.


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