What we’ve been working on.

“I’ve always been very interested in creating things. Whether that’s music, art, literature, and in this case software, I think one of the big things we have to realize is that software is a curated experience. I don’t think there’s any reason why our clients can’t experience a little bit of that same delight they feel with a great movie or their favorite song.” -Jed, Myriad Mobile iOS Engineer Lead

If we look a little different, that’s because we’ve made some changes to our brand, website, and the way we approach our work. We’re excited to finally share the changes we’ve been working on over the past six months. Our goal at Myriad Mobile is to be a great technology partner for our clients. We’ve grown a lot over the past several years and we wanted our brand to reflect that. We’re focused. We provide value. We have a great team.

First, our new company video.

Unscripted, shot in our office, and smartly put together by our friend, Rob Burke, at Yarn. Take a watch.

Second, our logo refresh.

We refreshed our colors and rebuilt our logo with versatility and longevity in mind. We also built several variations of the logo to ensure it will look good no matter what orientation is used. The shield and the word mark aren’t attached at the hip; they can stand alone and be just fine. Take a look at the evolution of our logo.

Primary Logo


Secondary Logos

secondary logos 3

Retired Logos
secondary logos

Third, our colors.

Fresh, bright, bold, but with staying power. Our secondary color palette was taken straight from Google’s swatch book. Also, we really love how nicely it looks with black.

Primary Colors

Secondary Colors

Fourth, our typography.

We are a mobile shop, so it made sense to choose typefaces that we actually use on a day-to-day basis. These fonts come straight from Google, which means that everyone in our company has access to them and can implement them without making a special request to our designers. We use Ubuntu Medium for our headlines. We make it big and bold because it looks lovely that way. For all body copy, we use Droid Serif.


Fifth, our iconography.

Our icon set is a fun design element that can be used to give collateral pieces just a little bit of ‘umphf’!

Myriad icons-03

Sixth, our brand voice.

We spent a lot of time asking ourselves, “Who are we?” Here are the top five things that shook out.

Creative: Imaginative builders.

We build things. Really technical things. Really important things. We thrive when we’re able to collaborate side-by-side with our clients. We also thrive when we challenge clients. (In a good way!)

Smart: Experts, through teams.

We are at our best when we collaborate and work together. That’s why it’s hard to book a meeting room at our office. Teams are constantly collaborating with each other, with clients, with pizza. Wait…

Passionate: Insatiably inquisitive.

Have you ever been around someone that… Just. Keeps. Asking. Questions. We’re kind of like that. We ask because we care.

Contributors: Bring value first, last, everywhere in between.

If we’re not bringing value to our clients, then what are we doing here? It’s our job to think about value first, last, and everywhere in between. We’ll get projects launched and then we’ll support them so clients don’t have to worry about keeping up with technology. That’s our job.

Committed: Own the long view.

How will decisions made now impact the project down the road? We don’t want to “get done with projects” and move onto the next thing. We’re always thinking about how we can help clients now, and in the future.

And finally, our new website.

“I’m excited about how technology can be delightful.” -Alison, Myriad Mobile UX/UI Lead

View Website

All of our work culminated in creating a new website. We partnered with another friend, Cole Hooey, owner of Bard Creative. We formed a comprehensive, internal team of strategists, designers, and developers to help design, build, and write content for the website. What came out was a more humanistic brand. After all, we’re human beings helping other human beings navigate the sometimes complicated world of software. Our Lead Mobile Strategist, Amanda, said it best: “What we really look to be is the best partner that we be can for our clients. Where they know that the company they are working with is just as much invested in their success as they are.”

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