At Myriad Mobile we make highly scalable, smart and creative apps with a focus on enterprise clients but remain innovative enough for startups. Recently, our growing presence on-the-ground in Minneapolis has landed us coverage as a 2016 Leader among App Developers in the Twin Cities by ratings and review firm, Clutch. With our headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota, we have a strong commitment to Minneapolis and many of our clients are located the Twin Cities. Our team of strategy, design, and development experts collaborate daily to produce products our clients love and use. With well over 300 projects completed to date, we know what works when it comes to technology solutions — and, maybe more importantly, what doesn’t.

Clutch is located in Washington, D.C. and has the most exhaustive coverage on App Development Companies. Their coverage evaluates and maps companies on a four quadrant system that they call the Leaders Matrix. 

Leaders Matrix

The mapping takes into account previous development expertise, past clients, industry focus and ratings from actual clients of ours. “Across the Twin Cities, there are many companies that provide app development services,” said Ryan Stevens, App Development Research Manager at Clutch. “All of the companies featured in this report have proven that they have a superior ability to provide clients with exceptional products and are able to support projects inside and outside of Minnesota.”

Clutch has spoken with six of our clients. Here’s what three of them had to say about working with the team at Myriad:

R&D Director, Minn-Dak Farmers (Farming Cooperative)

“Our experience has just been unbelievable…The Myriad Mobile team is very inquisitive. They make sure they know exactly what we want. We have set up deadlines for them, and they have never once failed to meet a deadline.”

Chief Information Officer, Insurance Firm

“Myriad Mobile is very easy to work with. They have a defined approach. They came in, they talked about it, and they have followed that methodology. They have a repeatable process to getting a project done and that’s exactly what I needed.”

VP of Engineering, Conservis (ERP Platform)

“What stands out is the work ethic associated with Myriad Mobile, in addition to the team being technically astute.”

You can check out in-depth case studies and videos for many of our other projects on our site but be sure to take a look at all of Myriad Mobile’s Reviews or to learn more about how we were evaluated check out Clutch.

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