About the author: Maddie is a senior at Concordia College studying English and Business. An aspiring marketer, she also can be found on the field playing for the Concordia softball team. Read the part 2 of the intern experience blog. 

Intrepid Interns: A Brave (Myriad) World


Stepping foot into the brick and painted castle, notebook and coffee in hand, four interns make their way into the Myriad Mobile offices. Reaching the third floor, out of breath from the never ending stairs and excitement for the day, they break off into their endeavors. Aleisha posts up with her laptop, idling through light bulb icons. Elise and Feng strategize through bug fixes in the Android and ios developments. I peruse through the marketing analytics and content strategy pieces. Seemingly ordinary tasks prove to be crucial learning experiences within this extraordinary company. Get to know the dream-team summer interns of 2016.


The journey in snatching a spot on the Myriad Mobile team stems from a variety of origins. Elise Johnson, the Android Developer/Designer intern from Walker, Minnesota, made her way to Myriad when seeking an internship within her area of studies. “I originally came from a small town and found my way to Myriad through Minnesota State University Moorhead. I decided to venture to the Fargo/Moorhead area because I wanted to gain a wider variety of experiences without being overwhelmed by a large city.”

Aleisha Samek, also a MSUM Dragon, came to be the graphic design intern through a similar route. Hometown grown in Fargo, Aleisha’s decision to apply was as simple as could be. “After spending time on Myriad Mobile’s website, I decided they were a team I would like to learn from and become a part of. I was ecstatic when I landed an interview.”

Feng Chang represents the Bison pride of the intern team. Originating from the southern portion of China, Feng now studies at North Dakota State University. Discovering an opportunity at Myriad came as a process for Feng. Stumbling upon the Myriad name at a career fair two years ago, Feng patiently waited to gain more experience before snagging an intern opportunity. “Every time, they announced position opening, I tried to apply. Finally, I got the great chance to intern in Myriad.”

I meandered into Myriad’s doors by seeking an internship offering a learning experience in marketing. After numerous summers of nannying, I found I was ready to put behind me the days of chauffeuring sticky children to discover my potential as a Myriad intern.


A consensus among us interns is that Myriad is no average place. With a culture of creativity and nuance, an above average experience is standard. Specifically,  Aleisha says, “My favorite part is coming to work with people who are excited about what they are doing. They are always striving to be the best they can, which makes for an incredible office environment.”

Elise seconds Aleisha’s fondness for the rest of the team and adds that, “They are all inspiring and have a lot of positive energy which helps motivate me to learn more and gain experience.” Feng finds that the openness of the team is really enjoyable for him. “I can directly look at their code and ask them programming questions. They are so nice to answer every question I ask.” The free food is also a thumbs up for Feng.

For me, the best part of being an intern so far is the fast-pace business setting I am a part of every day. Myriad’s drive for success through innovation makes this a pristine experience to witness.


There are big dreams for the interns here post-Myriad. Fresh from graduation, Aleisha seeks to continue her work in the design field, armed steadily with the experience she gains while at Myriad. Elise will graduate next spring with completed degrees in both Computer Science and Graphic Communications. Eyes set on the horizon as a future game developer, Elise’s knowledge achieved this summer will equip her promisingly to reach her dreams. Also graduating next spring with a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, Feng’s focus post-Myriad is to continue work as a full time software engineer. I will graduate in the spring of 2017 donning that Cobber ring and finishing up my education in English and Business. From there I aspire to land a gig as a marketeer.


While work and play run seamlessly in the Myriad experience, the interns have a number of interests outside of work. Elise’s favorite way to wind down after a long day of coding includes vegging out to a couple of rounds of Pokemon and Legend of Zelda. From there she can be found doodling out cartoons or appreciating the majesty of animations.

Aleisha’s passion for her cats and leaving them home is the most conflicting part for her when she is off globe trotting. These worldly adventures are usually accompanied by a jam out sesh to her favorite, Gwen Stefani.

Feng has a self proclaimed addiction to working out at the gym where he also hones his baller skills. After a solid pick up game of basketball, Feng enjoys being nose deep in World of Warcraft Chronicle, his favorite book.

When I’m not chasing the dream of marketeer’ing, I play for the softball team at school, frolicking happily in the outfield. On the side, I nerd out gleefully over the classics. (Shout out to you, Jane Austen.)

Be on the lookout towards the end of summer for another blog from our team of interns. I’ll have another blog post recapping our entire internship experience. Until then, we’ll be working away at the Myriad castle!


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