At Myriad Mobile, we know that in order to create smart, creative mobile and web solutions for our clients, we need to make sure our teammates are engaged, healthy, and satisfied in their work. Here’s how #TeamMyriad has used Officevibe, an employee feedback tool, over the past 16 months.

Stay Hungry (Or not)

You’re hungry. Throughout the workday your stomach rumbles, erupting the office with violent roars. You feel yourself slowly morph into a darker, edgier person. The toxic effects of hangry have officially set in. You know you’re a pleasant person and would enjoy the work day more if only say, a snack bar was implemented into the office. Hold up, that’s a great idea. But what do you do with that?

If only there was a way you could tell everyone you have feedback to improve work life.

Stand strong reader, you are not alone. Here at Myriad Mobile, this daily battle of hunger was a product of success in implementing Officevibe, a feedback centric, satisfaction measurement tool. With access to company wide communication via sleek, efficient channels, our team’s work ethic and satisfaction levels rose to match our stomachs: full.

Mean, Lean, Happiness Machine

Officevibe was birthed with a simple goal: produce happy workers. Through a number of surveys and communication channels, employees are given the chance to assert their feedback on company functions. So that not all hell may be raised in giving more sensitive feedback, anonymity is an option in communicating. This portal of communication is a part of the happiness production as it gives employees a fast method of getting their voice heard. Surveys sent out at the end of each week additionally provides numerical evidence in the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

When Myriad caught on to this revolutionizing trend, it was not all rainbows and sunshine in the feedback. Through the stat reports at the end of the beginning sessions, it was clear to see change was needed to achieve more rounded happiness. With the challenges involved in any young company, those issues were called out through the communication and polling system in Officevibe. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power” and furthermore put to work after the results weighed in. Rediscovering ways to find stability in an unstable situation was a large part of the transformation process.

Through the messaging channels, our team had a lot to say about what was going on in the office. An example of a “criticism-to-feedback” channel on Officevibe looks something like this:

How would you improve how manager feedback is done at Myriad Mobile?

“I could use feedback that is more critical or in some way that is about identifying problems and collaborating to solve them.”David Kanenwisher, Mar 18, 2016

“Do you mean more-so in terms of personal feedback and critique?”Jake Joraanstad, Mar 22, 2016

“Yea, I could use more feedback on what actions I should take to do what I am doing better. This might be more of heuristics or recommendations rather than do x, y and z.”David Kanenwisher, Mar 22, 2016

Here open communication could be made swiftly and painlessly between our Web Engineer Lead and CEO. This communication channelling among all employees creates a mindset that everyone’s word is valid and taken seriously, revving up the happiness intake all around.

Pipe Up

Transparency in addressing both praise and criticism in the workplace is not the easiest task to perform, especially in the “Midwest Nice” culture upheld here. A way to constructively speak up is an integral tool in making change happen and achieve widespread happiness in the workplace. Managers and executives are given the opportunity to hear out feedback from employees and implement necessary change. Through Officevibe, the distance from A to B was shortened exponentially and jump started the happiness development at Myriad. Categorized in a ten-pillar metric system, the instant feedback is even simpler to examine.  Focusing on three of those pillars, recognition, feedback, and happiness, an inside look of the Myriad Officevibe is dissected. Here’s what some of our teammates had to say.


You poured your heart and soul into that presentation or finally sealed the deal with a tough client. An occasional shout out calling out your success makes all the difference in creating a supportive environment.

“Individualized appraisal is always appreciated, but having a celebration for everybody who collaborated on the project (such as a launch party) makes it even more enjoyable!”Anonymous Employee, Feb 23, 2016


A critical function of any company is a feedback system. You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken, therefore becoming aware of any internal weaknesses makes all the difference. As one of the metric categorizes of Officevibe, team members put both their praises and concerns in this pillar.

“It’s personal, and very constructive. However it’s not incredibly often we receive feedback. 1 on 1’s used to be pretty common, but we haven’t done those in quite a while.”Anonymous Employee, Dec 28, 2015


The arching goal of any company, nay, person is this nine letter word. A way to express both the ups and downs of this journey is crucial in monitoring what’s working.

“I love coming to work with new challenges and problems to solve.”Anonymous Employee, Mar 30, 2016

What We’ve Learned

The best part of having our flaws presented upfront is that we got smarter — faster. Change was a necessary evolution for Myriad’s development into a successful company and boy, oh boy did it tumble in. Officevibe’s graphs supplied physical evidence of the improvements made everyday along with a summary of how we are doing.

Examining where our lowest points once were, it is endearing to see how far we’ve come since then. Actually executing change based off feedback is how we’ve come to adapt toward criticism and take great steps forward. A part of the Officevibe success at Myriad is unity in being on board with communication and criticism. The changes made in striving for happiness come in as a strong whirlwind. However, you’ll find Team Myriad remaining tough, climbing to that next step.

“I’m pretty happy… part of what helps me grow is bobbing and weaving with the changes and improvements. It’s an awesome ride!”Anonymous Employee, Feb 12, 2016

Another brilliant feature of Officevibe is a Suggestion Box filter allowing employees to openly put out their suggestions. This avoids a shoebox shoddily labeled “Suggestions” gathering dust, never to be opened and instead serving as the grave of ingenious ideas written on paper slips inside. Myriad’s innovative employees have been hot on the keyboard pumping out their ideas.

“A hot tub on the roof would be nice.”Anonymous Employee, May 30, 2016

Not a bad suggestion.

Intern Input

As an intern, I have had a new set of eyes coming into the Myriad culture. Hustling and bustling are the everyday makings in this busy office. Friendly faces all around eager to help and eager to work fill up the desks. In a young business, unexpected events happen daily that could either make or break a company. The culture of Myriad however, gives ground for change and criticism as it is always evolving and striving for that next step up. This absence of complacency I believe has a heavy hand in the open communication and evaluation processes of Officevibe. It is a constant evaluation of happiness, a concept that is always in motion: just like Myriad.

What’s Next

Moving onward into the great unknown, Myriad heeds fast to the magic-making of Officevibe. Relying on the smooth communication channels and detailed feedback, Myriad is optimistic and quick to react on initiating improvements. As new challenges arise, so does the opportunity for growth. The word of our employees is so greatly adhered, ending this blog would only be fitting with an Officevibe quote from strategist, Amanda Hanson.

“We have a great culture where everyone is very good at giving good feedback and thanking others for a job well done.”Amanda Hanson, May 31, 2016

Well said, Amanda. Well implemented, Officevibe.

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