Here at Myriad, community serves as a strong element of focus. An even larger focus is the vision of future. Cultivating a technological mindset becomes a priority for #TeamMyriad when given the chance to encourage developing ideas involving mobile and tech. In a recent Emerging Prairie blog, CEO Jake Joranstaad received recognition as a mentor role for Adam Vareberg, a student with big dreams on the horizon. Vareberg hopes to break ground into the Fargo community in implementing a code school. This code school intends to make waves for tech development in the area by providing education for anyone on the fundamentals of coding. Read more about Vareberg’s initiatives and how Jake has represented Myriad principles in being there to lend a hand.

“Step one in Vareberg’s project was to research existing code schools and assess the feasibility of implementing one in Fargo, and he had some pretty sweet people guiding him along the way. So far, his summer has consisted of meetings with community members, employers, and code school instructors and graduates. Jake Joranstaad of Myriad Mobile has been “essentially a mentor” to Vareberg…”


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