How much do you really know about your product? Is it enough to check off these must-haves? Get the scoop from this week’s Tech Hotdish.

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1. 10 Golden Rules to UX/UI with Clients

Learn how the team at Myriad Mobile approaches UX/UI with clients and why it’s so important.

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2. The Four Dimensions of Tone Voice

A website’s tone of voice communicates how an organization feels about its message.

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3. Wearables Hype Fading, Future Devices To Take New Forms

Today’s wearables will look quite different by 2020 as devices become more commonplace and affordable.

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4. Mobile Tech in Ag: Solutions Made Easy

Read more about Myriad’s strive for a perfect product in a featured article from The Sugarbeet Grower magazine.

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5. Why the Top 5 Tech Companies Are Dead Set On Artificial Intelligence

The AI revolution, and the subsequent innovation and growth it will bring, is just around the corner.

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