This is how technology is making what we eat, well, edible. You’ll be thankful for all these changes made in the industry.

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1. Safer Food and Greater Consumer Confidence

Improved technology has made our food safer. Here are the top 5 food safety changes the USDA has made since 2009.

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2. The Land Grab for Farm Data

Data is one of the most valuable things farmers harvest. Get to know the war for knowledge in the ag field.

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3. Design at 1x– It’s a Fact

What do you think? Read about the benefits, including timesavers, designing at the 1x scale includes.

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4. Your Product and You: 3 Part Blog Series on Product Design 

Myriad’s lead designer, Alison, lets you in on a little secret: YOU, the client, are the most important part of your product development. Find out how our team keeps you engaged.

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5. To Be the Very Best: Pokémon Enters into Augmented Reality 

“It’s a new genre of experience, about blending in the gameplay with other things you’re doing.”

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