Dwindling to the final days of the intern experience at Myriad Mobile, the interns recollect on the time spent here. Read about how the journey began in the first blog of this intern experience.

NASA announces the discovery of 1,200 new planets. Iconic figure Muhammad Ali passes away. Brexit passes in the UK. Within ten weeks, the world sheds into a new skin with every ground-breaking event. In the same ten weeks, the world of Myriad’s interns has altered, as they work to hone the valuable skills they acquire. As the world outside of the castle transforms into something new, likewise do the interns themselves ten weeks later. Read all about the journey.

The Work

Over the course of ten weeks, each of the four interns have been tasked with a number of different projects and work designated to them for their area of interest. These tasks include real, actual pieces of work that impact Myriad life. Throughout the summer, favorite projects came forth for each intern.

Elise Johnson, Android and design intern enjoyed the collaboration of Scale Tickets, an app created for the area of ag. “I was able to write my own code for an app that clients will get to use.” Prior to this project, Elise was mostly debugging other developer’s work, so the chance to write her own served as an impactful learning experience.

Independence proved to be a recurring factor in favorite projects as Aleisha Samek, graphic design intern, found re-designing the Winter Survival Kit app to be most satisfying. “Branding is my favorite part of design, so being able to start from scratch in my own way I could really see the vision.” Along with branding, Aleisha was able to create illustrations, an adhered favorite of her design work.  

Feng Chang, iOS development intern, chimes in with the responsibility aspect. “During the internship, I had a real project for Midco. I worked on that using the new iOS language, Swift. I was able to get to the development process for real.” Feng challenged himself this summer to learn Swift, a language he previously never used before in developing.  

For me? As the marketing intern, my favorite project this summer has been writing. Website work, eBooks, e-newsletter, blog posts––anything I was able to put words on page has been most rewarding for me. Given the opportunity to create and express in representation of Myriad has put a certain accountability on my shoulders. In the end, this aspect has focused and elevated my writing skills.

The Challenge

A part of any internship includes an element of learning. Be it through explanation, or through failure, learning comes in different ways. Occasionally, through challenges a silver lining peeks through.

This silver lining made its way for Elise Johnson as she endured a juggling act. Balancing development and design this summer, Elise was challenged to devote proper attention to both aspects within a limited time frame. “I enjoy both, but it is easier to work more efficiently when you can focus on a single project rather than switch between multiple projects.” In this balancing act, Elise learned twice the amount and came out of the internship more experienced than ever.

Stepping into a new setting, there’s a developed system set in place. Being able to adopt this system is what it takes in order to be a functional, unified teammate. Aleisha’s adaption to “white-boarding” in the design process served as her biggest challenge this summer. “White-boarding is a lot like imagining something that isn’t there. It’s the visual brainstorming process for mobile screens that includes a lot of creations.” Channeling her creative nature, Aleisha was able to get the vision.

Challenges need not arise in complex, intricate ways but rather the simplest form–miscommunication. Feng found that the language barrier, in the work space and coding, eluded some difficulties. “First, I had to understand the thing which I wanted to say. Second, I needed to easily explain to others for a better understanding of what I was trying to get across.” Feng’s communication skills shone in his initiative to learn Swift.

The most challenging aspect for me was the general newness presented in this internship. New programs, new terms, new processes are a part of the process for every task. While the on-boarding may have been in the entirety of the summer, I wouldn’t have traded this challenging aspect for an easier route. The knowledge I’ve acquired, in not exactly the most painless ways, arms me for any professional setting.

The Goodbye

All good things must end. But it doesn’t mean something can’t be taken along in parting. Through the variations of tasks and experiences, Myriad has equipped the four interns with pieces of knowledge applicable in moving forward–the best departure gift one could ask for.  

Programs used for everyday work in development and design gives Elise preparation in her next step. “This experience will help me in the future because of the practical experience I gained using software and different programs that many other companies are using.”

The advanced work at Myriad in general excites Aleisha in leaving the castle.

“Working somewhere where you’re working on apps, which are so relevant, is beneficial.” There’s an edge in the technological work exhibited at Myriad. Just like Aleisha’s next journey, we are excited to see where technology will go next.

Feng has his eyes set on the future after departing from Myriad. “Now, I have the work experience, coding problem solving experience, and app development experience. Those three factors can be a part of reference for my future job.”

Leaving Myriad, I’m confident. Being a part of a fast paced, evolving company, I’ve absorbed endless amounts of valuable information necessary in today’s workforce. Myriad has given me hands on experience and chances to become skilled in the most efficient way––by just doing.

Ten Weeks

While leaving a good thing is never easy, it is a sweet parting for the interns. Memories and experiences we become wealthy in, irreplaceable tokens hitched for the long run. As ten weeks has proven all it takes to shift the world, so does it for creating confident, experienced interns leaving Myriad.  


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