We’ve worked with beacon manufacturer, Estimote, for a few years now. We’ve integrated their beacons into several of our projects. It’s been fun to collaborate with clients on inventive ways to incorporate beacon technology into their business.

The details of the latest beacon technology product released from Estimote have made their way public. These little beacons are built with a number of tricked out tricks constructed specifically to make waves in the beacon realm. Apps with this feature stay ahead of the curve and relevant in the tech world. Still excited about Estimote’s release, we’ve selected the features we’re talking about the most.


Newer Is Always Better?

In this case yes, newer and improved versions of Estimote’s technology are definitely better––and here’s why:

They are bilingual. These beacons can broadcast both iBeacon and Eddystone WITH Physical Web URLs AT THE SAME TIME! They’re wicked smart and sleek; your life just got 4x easier because of this feature.

They live forever. And by forever we mean 7 to even 10 years, which is essentially an eternity in beacon years. The battery lifetime stands as an industry leader thanks to a built in ambient light sensor turning itself off after business hours.

They stick–easily. While a simple feature, this bonus is very practical. Strong, lasting adhesive tape gives you the freedom to move and place these beacons anywhere (with a surface, that is).

They have mad transferable skills. An easy to use migration tool allows you to automatically transfer your existing beacon settings to new devices, meaning your apps will seamlessly work with the new infrastructure. Now that is impressive.

They’re good for you. Well, they are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable at certain recycling plants so inherently, yes, they are good for you!


These updates in Estimote’s products point the future of beacon tech in an incredibly exciting direction. Implementing the new technology into the work we do here at Myriad equates to stronger, savvier apps. As the cutting edge of beacon tech develops, we get better. Now that’s something to be excited about.

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