Keeping you full on the latest and greatest tech news. This edition talks about finances and mobile. Here are the top five stories we’re dishing out.


Millennials to Banks: More Mobile, Please

Banks need to adapt to the latest generation’s needs and desires – and realize Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are following fast on the Millennials lead.

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How Predictive Analytics Discovers a Data Breach Before It Happens

What if we could stay ahead of threat actors and predict their next attack before they take their first destructive step?

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Mobile First: Insights From Going Mobile Only

“By forcing myself to not only be mobile first, but mobile only, I learned a lot about mobile-first best practices.”

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On Learning iOS: From One List

A no-frills, ordered, and to-the-absolute-point list of how a newcomer can learn iOS development.

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Complexion Reduction: A New Trend In Mobile Design

Over the last several months, some of the leaders of innovative design have taken ‘minimal design’ to the next level.

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