Myriad Mobile takes pride in the stellar work we produce. Partnering with Digital Relativity, a digital agency in West Virginia, we created a beautiful tourism app for the state of West Virginia –and users have noticed. Plugging into Google Analytics, it is fun to see the traction the tourism app has received. The Wild, Wonderful West Virginia app has certainly lived up to its name.

Numbers Don’t Lie

They say stats speak for themselves. Honing in on notable factors, it’s exciting for us to see how users are reacting to the app. Marketing for the app planned to ramp up in the summer months. That points toward even higher than expected recognition and upkeep with the hype. With an average session duration time of nearly nine minutes, we can see that users are getting through the entirety of the app.

In 2015, the average session length on media and entertainment app sessions lasted 5.59 minutes, whereas Wild, Wonderful West Virginia significantly trumped that. Appreciation for the hard work and details put in place by our talented team makes us pleased to know the love and effort are getting their dues.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.17.33 AM

Another stand-out stat is the number of return users. Nearly 70% of app users are from returning users — that means people are using the app! Usually your return users are much lower than your new users.

Why So Wonderful?  

What’s all the buzz about? Remarkable features of the app includes browsing of featured tourist sites, best rated attractions, and interesting events, all powered through sleek bluetooth beacon technology. Beautifully designed, carefully structured, Wild, Wonderful West Virginia shines as an exquisite tourism necessity. Get the full rundown of Wild, Wonderful West Virginia through our project profile.

Our team takes great pride in creating something beautiful for our clients. What’s even better is when beautiful and functional meet. Google Analytics backs up further that we are moving in the right direction.  The West Virginia tourism app is a prime example of showing how functional can be beautiful, and vice versa.

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