“You just made a farmer very happy.”

farmers in field using magri app

Farmers receive a demo of The Arthur Companies’ new mobile app, ArthurVu.

Forty people came to The Arthur Companies’ field day to demo the newly launched ArthurVu app. Many of the attendees (mostly growers) had already downloaded it on their phones and told us about their experiences using it. The responses were overwhelmingly positive — it was fast, easy to use, and gave them access to important information about their business. Farmers were excited and had ideas for ways the app could be expanded. It was clear that the app was becoming an important tool for farmers and will make it easier for them to run their business and to work with The Arthur Companies.

The first thing I noticed walking into The Arthur Companies’ office that morning: “ArthurVu – Real time, 24/7 fingertip access to your account information. Eliminate the paper chase.” I don’t know what it was about seeing that banner but it gave me goosebumps. Myriad’s first product coming to life! Previously known as “the Minn-Dak app” then “Scale Tickets” finally “mAgri” now being used by a customer, ArthurCo was being introduced to their customers for the first time at a field day.

Arthur Companies ArthurVu app Arthur Companies CFO, John Melland, and Myriad Mobile Chairman/Co-founder, Ryan Raguse, test out the new ArthurVu app.

Empowering Farmers From Day One

Brooks Burgum, CEO of The Arthur Companies, myself, and a farmer were exploring the app when the farmer noticed something. He was looking at his contracts and realized that he hadn’t locked in the final details for one of them. Without the app he wouldn’t have noticed this until harvest. It was a simple oversight that would have been a costly mistake had he not caught it now.

Farming is a complicated business. Managing grain contracts, equipment logistics, and millions of dollars of inventory puts a lot of pressure on farmers to make timely decisions with the best information available. Thanks to mAgri/ArthurVu, that process just became more easy and intuitive. To put it in the words of one grower who started using the app: “You just made a farmer very happy today.” We hope to make many more farmers happy as the app grows.

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About the Author: Peter Schott was raised on a fourth generation family farm in North Dakota and has 16 years of experience in agriculture technology. He is a Partner at Myriad Mobile and helps agriculture organizations strategize and implement mobile and web technology solutions.

ArthurVu is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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