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farmers in field using agriculture mobile app

“You just made a farmer very happy.”

Forty people came to The Arthur Companies’ “Field Day” to demo the newly launched ArthurVu app. Learn how they are making farmers happy and saving them money — from app launch day one.

Show me.

woman holding mobile phone

Mobile App Strategies Boost Revenues for Small Business Owners

Research shows that less than a quarter of small businesses have a mobile app and nearly a third are unlikely to build one. That’s a mistake if you see what mobile apps have done for some small businesses.

Make no mistake.


Myriad Mobile Turns Five: 18 Thoughts and 10 Photos From the Past Five Years

Myriad Mobile celebrated a milestone this summer — five years in business. While we know that five years is not an extraordinary amount of time, we also know that 50% of new businesses fail within the first five years. Knowing that, we figured it was a good time to reflect on our experiences.

Walk down memory lane.

hand with lightbulbs

3 Reasons Value Needs To Be At The Center Of Your Project Triangle

Teams spend so much time and energy debating, controlling, managing and measuring the project process, that they often lose sight of the product and the value the project is looking to deliver. Learn how to keep value in focus.

Show me the value.

mobile phone design examples

Little Big Details For Your Mobile App

Your app’s success is based on a combination of factors, but the overall user experience tops them all. The difference between creating good experiences and amazing experiences often comes down to how thoughtfully designed the small details are.

See the details.

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