You’ve done it.

You have a power house idea. An idea that will take your company from its current roots to the infinite beyond. As excited as you are about this brain child you’ve created and all the success surely to come from it, you need one more thing: support. One of the common struggles that we see in the market for mobile applications is the issue of company buy-in. How do you become a technology evangelist for your company and do so in the most effective manner?

The first step to making a great mobile strategy happen is to have buy-in from the correct key stakeholders at your company. Identifying the correct stakeholders will allow you both the best chance at internally selling a project within your company as well as the best opportunity for success once you’ve achieved full company buy-in. That’s great, but how do you identify the best people for the job?

Draft your team

Here’s a short list of questions to ask yourself when trying to identify stakeholders. It’s a bonus if one of these people has the ability to allocate budget to your project, but if you get a large enough group of people that pass these questions, you may find that the support of the group can help drive budget approvals.

1) Does the person have a fundamental impact on your organization’s performance? It’s best to seek out and work with high-impact individuals who have a visible presence within the organization.

2) Can you clearly identify the needs you have from each specific person? Does everyone have bring different skills to the table? It’s best to look for a blend of marketing skills, design skills, technical skills, and product expertise.

3) Are all of the people you’ve identified varied in how they bring the project value? If two people are on your list for the same reason, ideally, you should undertake the sometimes difficult task of choosing one. Otherwise you may eventually run into scenarios that remind you of old adages about too many cooks in the kitchen.

If you answered yes to the first three questions, you’re on the right track. Now let’s make sure that your stakeholders are a great fit for your chosen project.

1) Does the identified person from the criteria above have an interest in this project? If there isn’t a clear interest, this may require you to do a bit of informal selling internally to confirm. Some elbow grease in selling your idea isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Maybe they are interested in your idea and just don’t know it yet. If so, they would be the perfect fit.

2) Does the identified person have the ability and interest to free up the needed time for this project? Your key stakeholders should be as excited about your idea and as invested as you are.

And, review

Once you’ve compiled this list, congratulations, you’ve identified your key stakeholders. Your idea officially is on the trek to reality! Along the way, you may choose to pull in other people for feedback as well as consider your external stakeholders such as customers that will be using your app. However, this group should be considered the primary decision makers involved with the process. The next step, if you haven’t already done so, will be to tie your solution to key performance indicators within your company. Need some help with that? Myriad’s Discovery Process can help guide you through how to present this information and ensure your project is on the right track to development!


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